Herpes Cure- 10 benefits of oregano oil to treat herpes

What Is Herpes Simplex Virus? Unknown Facts About Herpes

hsv1 and hsv2 for herpesThe herpes simplex virus is also called as a (HSV) and it’s a skin infection. Herpes can appear in any part of your body, but, most common parts are your genitals and mouth. There are 2 types of virus that can cause herpes disease.

1. (HSV1) it can cause cold sores and fever blisters on your mouth or around the area of your mouth and face.

2. (HSV2) it can cause the symptoms occur on genital areas.

It is highly contagious disease and it can spread from one person to another person. If a pregnant lady has herpes disease, there more chances that the baby will also get this disease. HSV 1 infection can be spread by general interactions like using lipstick, eating with infected person in a same plate and kissing. The infection of herpes can spread faster if an infected person is facing the situation of herpes outbreaks. This virus takes lots of time to cover your body’s surface and that’s why you can’t configure that you are carrying this disease because it’s very mild virus and you even can’t see herpes symptoms in your reports. This virus can stay in body without showing any symptoms. The starting of HSV 1 is the worst experience that you can ever get. In this infection you will have red open sores on your mouth, lips and tongue. These sores may give you pain or may not, but having its symptoms itself is very annoying and full of discomfort. There are so many medicines which you can use to treat your herpes symptoms, but that medication is not going to give you your desired result. That’s why I am here to tell you about 10 benefits of oregano oil for herpes treatment which can give you relief from your pain.

10 Major Benefits of Oregano Oil For Herpes

Fights with Infections-

it has the ability to fight against viruses. It is one of the main keys to treat your infections very easily. It has antibacterial property that can treat infections and take care of your body. When it comes to fight against herpes virus it is very hifraelpful to treat its symptoms.

Stops Herpes Outbreaks-

Because it has antibacterial properties, it can heal its symptoms. Using this oil can give you relief rather than proper cure. Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection which is can cause by herpes simplex virus. So if you are thinking that can oregano oil treat these symptoms, I would say that amazingly works on your herpes outbreaks.

Heals Your Pain and Itching- pain and itching for herpes

Oregano oil is one pf the natural remedies for herpes that have the ability to heal your pain and itching during outbreaks of herpes. It has the ability to push your healing process so that the infection can stop rather than spreading in other parts of your body. This is probable the one and effective thing that has the quality to attack the virus directly. This oil is very pure and contains anti-biotic.

Protects with Harmful Organism-

if you ever eat uncooked meal, meat or anything, your body can get infected by harmful virus. Oregano oil can help you in the treatment of this type of situations. 600mg intake of oregano oil on a daily basis can remove that infection from your body. Oregano is very high in vitamins and minerals. It is very high in vitamin A, C, E.

Ease Your Discomfort-

Many people suffer from pain during the herpes outbreaks. It goes into your skin and gives you relief from the pain and itching. In the starting of herpes outbreaks, you may experience red painful and itchy rashes. That time you can use 50% olive oil and 50% of oregano oil . Mix them well and then apply this on your affected area. But do not touch your affected area without gloves.

Release Tour Pain in 2 Steps-

To give you relief from this unbearable pain it works in 2 steps. This oil has two properties, the first one is carvacrol which destroys the affected cell membranes. It fights with the herpes virus that hides into the protective cell membranes which is not even visible by our immune system. The second step is it distracts the herpes virus. This disease is hard to treat because herpes virus has unique way to hide into the nerve cell. Because of this you cannot find its symptoms in your medical reports.

Improve Your Immune System-

Boost ImmunityCorrect diet is very important for herpes patients. If you have weak immune system, stress can cause herpes because that time your body can’t produce enough protein to survive. So make sure you take proper diet. Try to eat food which is made from olive oil or which has more proteins and minerals.

Directly Affects The Herpes Virus-

Oregano oil is completely pure and it comes from the leaves and flowers of the plant. It is full of antibiotics and it can directly hit the virus of herpes. By this oil you can cure this disease naturally. This is the only ingredient which you can take for a long time without taking many precautions. It can prevent the growth of herpes virus and stop it from spreading.


This oil does not gift you any allergy, so you can use it without any doubt. Allergy is usually a hyper reaction of the body towards external provocation. It easily goes down into the skin and gives you relief from allergy and pain which you face sometimes in between herpes treatments.

Proper Dosage will be Beneficial-

You have to manage your dosage while taking it. Take its proper amount so that it can heal your symptoms, otherwise it can give you side effects which is more serious issue than herpes. Using oregano oil without mixing water or any other oil is quite harmful for you, especially if you are dealing with herpes. If you want you can use this oil in your cooking or if you don’t want, you can mix this oil with coconut oil and then apply it on your affected area. Like other remedies, it also has some side effects. Most common effect is allergy. If you are suffering from genital herpes, consult your doctor before you start using oregano oil.

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