What Herpes Cure Is In News These Days ?

How does Herpes Effect the Sufferer?

One of the most widespread sexual transmitted diseases nowadays is herpes. Millions of people in the USA get infected with this virus every year. Annoying cold sores and fever blisters are the first things that come to the mind when people think of herpes. Your difficulty is not ended here because herpes comes with other different health issues such as blindness, birth defects and cancer.

Herpes can appear in different parts of the body, most commonly mouth, lips and genital parts of the body. Once you get this virus from an infected person, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it and sometimes it is impossible. It stays dormant in your nerve cells and can cause frequent herpes outbreaks that are really painful. Fighting with herpes is not easy but there are different treatment options which can reduce the herpes symptoms.

Are Antivirals Giving Significant Results?

antivirals for herpesPeople suffering from herpes have been using antivirals from last few decades. Famiciclovir, acyclovir, and valacyclovir are the most commonly prescribed medicines for reducing herpes symptoms. These medicines can give you relief from pain, discomfort, itching, and redness and also reduces the risk of occurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks. The bad news is that these medicines can give you serious side effects and can damage your immune system. They can only suppress the virus for some time, cannot cure the virus. If you want to know more about why you should never use antivirals for herpes treatment, click here.

vaccines for herpesSome vaccines and a new approach to herbal remedies are trending in news about herpes cure. Scientists have discovered some safe and effective vaccines against herpes. Vaccines work by exposing the host to the viral proteins that stimulate the body to produce antibodies or immune cells that rapidly clear the pathogens before it establishes infection and causes diseases. Some of the new vaccines that have discovered recently in the last year and trending in news are glycoprotein D (gD), pritelivir and Theravax vaccines. These are effective in treating cold sores and blisters both on the mouth and in genital parts of the body. Along with these vaccines, ozone therapy and some homeopathy therapies also work great in the treatment for herpes.  These are the latest research in the field of herpes cure. The good thing about these vaccines is that they reduce herpes symptoms more effectively than antiviral herpes medications.

The Other Options for Herpes Cure 

herbal remedies for herpesThe second approach of herbal remedies is the new trend of herpes cure. Scientists have discovered that herbal remedies for herpes are the best solution for treating herpes symptoms. They are safe in long run as well as effective enough to cure herpes virus. There are the number of herbal remedies which can be used at home at any time for reducing pain, itching, and appearance of blisters. It is said that herbal remedies can inhibit the growth of virus inside the body and also eliminate it from your body to some certain extent. Along with herbal remedies, some lifestyle and diet changes also prescribed for reducing the herpes symptoms fast. This is known as the “herpes cure 2017” which claims to delete the virus completely from your body and give you a herpes free life.

Well, scientists are still searching for some more powerful vaccines or other treatment options to cure herpes fast and effectively. At the end of this year 2017, may be a powerful vaccine will come that can cure herpes on the permanent basis but at this time, herbal remedies are the best options for treating herpes symptoms. They will not give you any side effects and can treat your symptoms effectively. Finding herpes cure is still on the way and the trending news is that the cure will come soon. Soon you will be able to get rid of herpes and will get a herpes free life.